Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Sea of Santas ...

Last Sunday was one of those crisp, sunny December mornings you pray for if you have an outdoor event to go to. That was not the story a few hours earlier. I was awoken at 7am to pounding rain on the deck above our heads and the wind whipping at the mast and almost rocking me out of bed! By 10, the skies had cleared, the wind dropped but left behind temperatures that could freeze the bells off an elf. It was here, the day of the Cardiff Santa Dash.

The "actual" big guy was there, maybe he brought the sun with him. There were a few four legged competitors and some dodgy choices of leg attire. The klaxon blew and before I knew it they were coming at us! A sea of red and green hurtling towards the Norwegian Church and that low December sun which barely seems to make it over the horizon any more. 

A mere 20 minutes later, a reindeer, all legs and arms, fleet footed, seemingly floating above the board-walk, sprinted to the finish line. A couple minutes later the first girl, dressed as a Christmas pudding. A further few minutes later, proof, as if proof were needed, Meg, injecting a quick burst and passing a sack full of guys, sprinted over the line in just under 27 minutes. The girl can run but has never had that killer instinct. Surprising as genetically she should have the competitive tenacity of a honey badger if her dad and I are anything to go by. When way ahead on school sports day runs, she would slow down so that her friends could catch up because she felt sorry for them and didn't want to hurt their feelings. John and I screaming like banshees on the sidelines "shift your arse"!!! 

A welcome warm up and high carb lunch followed at Cafe Pure. Well deserved and proudly showing her medal, nobody should look that good after an early morning 5k run! A week later, all spiffed up for yet another shoot. She's loving it. If you would like to sponsor Meg for this event, or any of the upcoming events she will be holding prior to the Miss Wales finals, you can donate HERE. You can also follow her journey on Facebook HERE.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Miss Wales 2015

Hello my dears. Long time no see! I don't know where the time has gone. It only seems yesterday I posted here but I see it was the beginning of October. I've not been idle but seem to have achieved very little. I do however, have some very special news which, if you don't follow me on either Facebook or Instagram, may not be aware of. Our Meg has been chosen as a finalist for Miss Wales which takes place in March 2015. The winner then goes on to represent Wales at Miss World.  

These competitions are not just about looking pretty and showing up. Competitors are charged with securing local business sponsorships, organising charitable events and challenging themselves to personally achieve outside of their usual comfort zones. The events operate under the banner of the "Beauty With a Purpose" registered charity. A non-profit organisation which raises money and participates in humanitarian projects across the world. To date hundreds of millions of pounds have been raised and donated to local and international organisations which help disadvantaged children the world over.

This year, Miss Wales is raising money for "CORAM", the first dedicated children's charity in the UK with a fascinating heritage that spans 275 years. Thomas Coram established the Foundling Hospital, London's first home for babies whose mothers were unable to care for them.

The outcome of all these requirements is amazing to witness. It raises confidence and empowers these young women to become valuable members of their communities. It helps them to focus on achieving beyond their daily routines, encourages them to work in teams and to support each other throughout the process. These are girls who would not normally meet as they come from all corners of Wales, but it's wonderful to see them connect as they are given a series of team challenges to achieve throughout the six month run up to the finals.

Meg has plenty of ideas for events she hopes to complete by March, one of which is a 5k run this coming Sunday, yes, dressed as a somewhat naughty Santa! Something she would most definitely not normally do, but it's for an extremely good cause. If any of this is of interest to you and you wish to contribute, no matter how small, just $1 or a £1, every little helps, then you can sponsor Meg online HERE

I know this is probably the worst time of year to be asking for charitable donations, so if you are unable to support monetarily, then a like and share on Facebook would also be an enormous help. Meg's page is HERE  Please spread the word and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following and supporting us, not just now, but through the years. Many of you will have read my stories about Meg over the years. To say we are proud of our girl is an understatement!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Whisky Allure ...

Every year I travel up to Scotland for Christmas. Before you ask, no, I’m not the Queen. However, I am a woman who loves a wee dram. In fact, I love everything about Whisky. The bottles full of golden glow, the packaging which, in recent years has seen a lot of the distilleries emerge into the 21st century in terms of style. I love the accoutrements which accompany this Scotch drinkers ritual. A good, “special” glass and decanter, a touch of candlelight and, for me, an antique drinks tray. What follows is the aroma. This sets the atmosphere for what's to come. That initial “schwhooooar” when the alcohol hits my mouth and emits it’s magical ether. The zing sting on the palate when I hold it in there for my taste buds to savour and then, that warm swallow that I swear I can track all the way to my belly. Maybe it’s because of my age but what follows is a nice little glow which is a comfort on a cold winter’s night.  I love this time of year and the delights it brings.