Friday, 11 April 2014

The Connection

All images have no connection other than the doors are wide open, I'm outside taking photos and the sun is shining. Things are looking up! Hope you're out and about in the sunshine wherever you are.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Oh Me Oh My, I love Pie ....

Every now and then I receive a blogger invitation. Being a bona fide pie maniac, so much so that it would be my last meal if given the choice, this invitation was a no brainer. It was a glorious sunny day in Cardiff so we decided, without reservations, to visit Cardiff's latest dining establishment, The Pieminister on St. Mary Street. Their website is a great read with such snippets of information such as "we supply the Queen with pies for her Christmas party" and "gracing the food halls of Harrods and Harvey Nichols"! Well if it's good enough for them then I'm in.

The interior is urban chic warehouse, grey walls warmly lit with nice touches such as Xavier Pauchard Tolix chairs and reclaimed floorboard walls enhanced with vintage collectables in glass domes.  
We liked it a lot!

We each chose different pies from the please all menu, myself the Free Ranger, John the Matador and Meg the Chickalito from their lighter pie range at only 440 calories. Our sides included cheesy mash, sweet potato fries and cauliflower cheese. A pie and a choice of 2 sides comes in at an extremely affordable £8. The pies were outstanding, crispy, just the right thickness pastry and intensely flavourful, packed full ingredients, as well as being just the right size. Pielicious! A special mention goes to the best cauliflower cheese I have ever had both inside and out of my own kitchen. For my American readers, sorry, not a fruit pie in sight!

Visit their website HERE to find out if they have a restaurant in your area. Their pies are also available at Waitrose.

Thanks Pieminister - we WILL be back!

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Awwwww ...

A little while back I sold a small antique cake stand to a lovely lady, Jesse,  in Indiana, USA. It dates to the 1880s. She wanted it in time for her daughter's first birthday and was having a small cake made, just big enough to fill the 5 inch stand. That in itself made my heart swell so imagine my surprise when Jesse followed up with photos of the day.  I love to know where the items go, what they mean to the buyer, where will it be kept. I am so grateful to have been, although somewhat removed, a part of this celebration. The thought that this will be kept in her daughter's hope chest to, one day, be used for her own children's events is so heart-warming. Thank you so much Jesse!

The photos from the day were taken by the uber talented Kiely Carlson of Nature's Wonder Photography. Head on over there by clicking the name link for some heart melting shots. 

"Kiely Carlson, of Nature's Wonder Photography, is one of Indianapolis's premiere newborn photographers. She specializes in newborns, young kid, and pet photography, 
with a studio centrally located in the Stutz building in downtown Indianapolis".  

Lucky for you if you live in Indianapolis. All photos used with permission from Kiely. Thank you!