Sunday, 4 May 2014

Meg's gone over to the dark side, Wordpress! If you were ever wondering what had happened to her over at, she realised a lifestyle blog was not her cup of tea. Fashion is her passion and it just so happens her degree was in Fashion Promotion, so it seems the ideal outlet for her creative juices. 

Hope you will follow her new journey, pop over, leave a comment, let her know you're still interested. Love to all! 


  1. Thanks for sharing her new local with us. How does dhe like wordpress? I have thought about make a switch but it looks so technical compared to blogger. Happy weekend. hugs, Celia M. (HHL)

  2. Hello Dianne,

    We shall endeavour to seek her out in this new field........alas we have little success with Wordpress. So wonderful that your daughter has found a creative outlet for her obviously artistic eye. Like mother.....

  3. GOOD GLORY...and you have gone over to the PROFESSIONAL SIDE! Di? Your photos are professional at all levels! And this young woman of yours, she is totally stunning. You tell her right now!

    You have lifted my spirits. You are a true artist, and you must have a great lens!!!!! Love to you dear friend. Anita

  4. Love the smart two tone detailing on that cable knit Meg!

  5. Thanks! I've wondered about wordpress myself, but it seemed like a big mess to make the switch at this point. Your photos (and daughter) are, as always, beautiful!

  6. Hello Di

    Your daughter possesses such style. The sweater is most flattering.

    Hope your week is special

  7. I wish her sucess with her new endeavor . Gosh she is beautiful!

  8. She's definitely a chip off the block. (I was going to say "a chip off the old block" but that would be ungentlemanly, so I didn't)

  9. Beautiful young lady, and your eye for photography shows. Beautiful professional work here.


  10. GORGEOUS!!! :)
    I was wondering what happened there...miss Meg's blog...
    Off to visit now!


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